1000+ Downloads, Support Center & New Features!

Hi guys!

Yeah Bladquest – The First Chapter finally made it. It has been played more 1000 times on Itch.io and Gamejolt! This is truly awesome. Can’t wait to deliver more content! Thanks to all of you for supporting me and playing the game.

To make it easier for you to get support for the game, I just created a brand new page on my website, providing solutions for common problems and all informations needed, if you want to report crashes or bugs. I will implement a button to the game leading to the page in the next update, as well as some bugfixes.

This friday the next expisode of DevTalk is released, introducing some brand new features you missed in Bladequest – TFC. I promise its going to be fun. Make sure to subscribe to my channel, as you don’t wanna miss this :)

Stay awesome guys!

Markus from Phodex Games!

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