Celebrating the success of BLADEQUEST!

Hi guys!

I decided to do a small party, eating some delicious food, celebrating the success of Bladequest - The First Chapter. It had over 450 downloads in only 7 days and counting, I had the first few sales and the creator of the Game Engine I am using, Josh Klint, is supporting the game making it able for me to bring it on steam soon.

 That is more than awesome, thank you soo much, you make it possible for me to live my dream and make me feel the fire deep in my hearth, which gives me the power and motivation to bring my upcoming games on a new exciting quality level!

 I will soon start a Devlog kind of series on YouTube, where I introduce cool new features and content waiting for you in my next project, so you can give direct feedback and together we can make it awesome :D!

 Your support really means a lot to me! Stay awesome :)

Markus from Phodex Games!

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