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This is my first game ever! I did nearly everything on my own every model, texture, script, level, menu and so on is handcrafted. Except some icons, graphic assets or sounds its 100% my work. So please do respect that I don't want you to make illegal copies nor using any kind of content from this product.


Knight Fight is a challenging arena game. Fight against stronger and stronger waves of enemies. Compete against powerful opponents like the Black Knight or the Stone Golem. If you swing your mighty Claymore, cast powerful Spells upon your enemies or shoot some bolts between their eyes is up to you! Choose one out of three classes! Buy new weapons, abilities, and upgrade them to dominate your opponents!

About Knight Fight:

Knight Fight is based on an framework created with Craftstudio. The framework was developed with the purpose to create an sandbox RPG game. It was near to completion, featuring a tradesystem, levelsystem, combatsystem for range-, melee weapons and spells, as well as easy quest and dialoge creation, an AI-System and Splitscreen support. Unfortunatley Craftstudio didn't offer what I expected and lacks of power and complexity and also has so many limitations, thats why the former project is cancelled and Knight Fight is what I made out of it.

About Me:

I always wanted to make my own game and here it is! Please keep in mind that this is my first game development experience ever. I had no idea of Lua coding, 2D Art, 3D Art and soundcreation and did all on my own and from scratch. I played around with programms like Gimp or Visual Studio before but nothing serious. I learned so much during this production process and I believe I can create something epic in the future. I thank all of you who support me. I will spend earned money for assets, production equipment, like a graphic tablet or tools for creating games.

Have fun :)

Mad Morra Productions

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 23, 2016
AuthorPhodex Games
GenreAction, Fighting
Tags3D, blocks, competitive, Fantasy, First-Person, Retro, surival, upgrades
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

The game should run on every medium class PC not older than 3 - 4 years.

NOTE: Always run the game as administrator!

The game does not run properly with more then one active display. Please activate just one display for playing Knight Fight!

For the Windows version just run the installer.

For the Linux and Mac version you need a .zip extractor program! These versions are in Beta and may not work properly. You may encounter having no menu music before changing the music volume in the options menu. Contact me if you occur any kind of problems.


Knight Fight 1.1 138 MB
Knight Fight Mac OS X Beta 1.0 152 MB
Knight Fight Linux Beta 1.0 159 MB


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I installed it but it doesn't start, it just stay in the menu window.

thanks for a linux build but way the other game is only Windows?