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Hello can you make a Linux version?

Can't download, add itchio app compatibility please. Its just much easier to use and auto updates the games aswell. Would be much convenient if you add that.

Why can't you download? What issue do you have? I consider doing this for Chapter Two. Update 1.5.0 will most likely be the last one and I slowly will stop maintaining the game and put all effort into Chapter Two.

I am sure I can fix your problem with downloading, if you tell me the issue :)

Well I am using the Itchio app and when I click install it says that their is no compatible downloads, is this available to windows or does it just not work with the itchio app?

Here is EXACTLY what the error says 

"No compatible downloads were found for 'Bladequest - The First Chapter', so it wasn't installed.

Maybe it's not compatible with your platform or with the itch app yet!" btw the app is for pc.

Just tried the website version, similar issue occured I think you forgot to upload the game here is what is says on the website version "Nothing is available for download yet."

I don't 100% get the issue...  I guess the problem may be that I set the game to "pay what you want", but if you don't pay at least the price of the GOLD edtion there is nothing available to download. The free version can only be downloaded via my website. I just tried it and it works. Just visit click on "Play Free Now!", enter your email click on Download to get the installer file.

Thanks, Ive gotten the game finally, but it would be great if you fixed the problem here rather than having it only available via your website

Ok great :). I understand your objection. Some time ago I had the free version also available here on, but I changed that, as I now have my own webserver. Having everything on my own website gives me full control and makes it easier for me to manage files. I am thinking long term and I believe ultimately the user will also greatly benefit from that, although the website is yet very basic. So I decided to use only as payment provider which it is very good for. But however I am experimenting around, so this is no definitive decision, I may change it again...


figured i given another wack at it because the subs loved the game! 

What a pitty that the new version came to late for your video. In 1.5.0 there are some cool improvments and the game should run much smoother, which makes combat more fun. However cool video will watch it as I have time :)


dang lol ill check it out again!

Ok cool, tell me if you felt that it ran smoother as well.


will do!


Hey man, impressive work all on your own. I would mention though it chugs quite a bit on my laptop. It's not massively powerful but can run most games at 60fps on high with no issue. I'd also suggest replacing jump with a dodge as it'd be way more useful in combat, and speeding up stamina regen. I would often stand around for ages waiting for it to regen so I didn't walk into the next fight with none!

Hi pyromanta :)

thank you for playing my game! Thanks for you feedback, it helps me improving the game. I already have many great ideas and plans to make Chapter Two much better then The First One. I cannot promise, but I believe its going to be a huge step forward (by the way Chapter Two will also be free). Providing optimal performance and make the game run smooth is a tough task for me, but I already found two sources making the game run slower and also cause it to crash occasionally, so I think I can heavily increase performance in the next installment!

Today at 19:00 MET a new DevTalk video is released on my YouTube channel showing some first insights to some new features. You may want to watch it :)

Have a nice day and stay tuned!

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Hey! So, I downloaded the game and i have opened the oalinst application file several times to try to download openal. However, openal isn't showing up in the file.. It looks like a really cool game, I love polygon art style games, but I can't get openal to install..

Hi NoMansPie :) thanks for downloading. Normally if you download the game and run the installer OpenAL gets installer automatically. Do you have problems launching the game?  I also don't know what you mean by "However, openal isn't showing up in the file.."

Checkout the new support center, it may help you fix your problem.

Have a nice day :)

Will 2nd chapter cost money?

Hi Reece Bar, no I will not charge money for the game, for as long as it meets your and my expectations. I just started working on the second chapter trying to bring as much improvements as possible. If you want to be the first getting access to the second chapter, considerjoining my email list.

Sure, and you say you won't charge aslong as it meets out expectations, but if it dips below will it cost money then? Jk, can't wait for chapter 2! Any release date or an assumtion of one?

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Ah sorry, I guess my message was misleading. With "for as long as it meets your and my expectations" I meant the final game. Bladequest: Chapter Two is 100% free, as The First Chapter was. These chapters are a series of games helping me gathering feedback, they don't reflect the concept and scope of the final game. And the final game will only be released when it meets your and my expectations and then will cost money :). I have to work on the description a little bit that it gets clear what the idea is. Some could think is kind of an episode game but its not...

I already started working on Chapter Two, but still have some work to do with Chapter One (website, maintaining etc.). The First Chapter took about 6 months, Chapter Two may take less time as I already have a lot of stuff. But in the end its hard to tell.

You can follow the DevTalk series on my youtube channel if you want to follow the development. 


Yo tried the game out and liking where its going!

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Hi DizzYgaming thanks for playing my game! I will watch it as soon as I have time. I just created an awesome media kit for youtubers like you, to pimp your thumbnails and boost your views. Download it here! Have a great day :)

Markus from Phodex Games!


Thank you! i love the feel of the game! specially sense its made from scratch! i cant wait to see and ill be doing part two on and thanks for thumbnails!

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Hey Guys,

I downloaded the game and had trouble launching it as the openal.dll (i think) was missing which I fixed and finally got round to having a play. I really liked it. The graphics are neat, the audio added a lot of atmosphere and I liked the combat system as well.

Can I ask a question, Are you the artist formerly known as fourthpixel? The reason I ask is becuase your village in the intro looks so very similar to the one in the video below


Either way, well done.

and good luck,


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Hi WobblyFootGamer,

when installing the game normally a popup shows which installs OpenAL which is required to play the game. I don't know what went wrong, but I am glad you managed to play it either way. No I am not fourthpixel ^^, the reason it looks similar is that I used some assets/models form an asset store, as I cannot create everything by myself. He just used the same assets. 

By the way would you mind using this link ( instead of the one you have in your video description for downloading the game and removing the direct link? I have more freedom to present my game on the website. Would be awesome!

Thanks for your feeback, hope you to see you playing the second chapter when it is out :). Stay tuned!


It wasn;t a problem for me working out the fix but I really enjoyed TFC.

Oh yes, open source assets. I'd  forgotten about them and I hope I didn;t insult you with my comment. That's the last thing I want to do and I've made the changes as requested and if you need anything else changing then just let me know.

I look forward to keeping updated on the games progress as you've done a great job so far.


wobblyfootgamer :)

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Hi, I just created an awesome media kit for youtubers like you, to pimp your thumbnails and boost your views. Download it here if you want. Have a great day :)

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Had fun. Hope to see more in the future

Hi, I just created an awesome media kit for youtubers like you, to pimp your thumbnails and boost your views. Download it here if you want. Have a great day :)

Markus from Phodex Games!


Thanks I'll give it a look!


Gave it a go...

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